Interesting things about UK and Bristol.

13 02 2012

1. What is the best place to visit in the UK? Why?

  • Everybody could say London because it’s the capital, not me! London is more wonderful for the night than to visit. I can’t say to you the best place because i really don’t know UK, but there are a lot of beautiful places in England like Bath, Oxford, Cambridge…

2. What is the best place to visit in Bristol? Why?

  • In Bristol, everyone wants to see the Clifton Bridge, i prefer the tour in the city center because you can find an amazing view of Bristol, for me, this is the best place to visit but don’t forget the street art by BANKSY, and all ancient beautiful monuments.

3. Where should you go on a night out in Bristol? Why?

  • Bristol for the night… My happiness. If you come to Bristol, you must go to Lakota, Motion, Basement45, Techkla and all festivals organised. If you like Drum&Bass, Dubstep… You will not be bored!

4. Where is the best place to eat in Bristol? Why?

  • I don’t know why, but i say Nando’s. It’s a portuguese restaurant, the food is succulent, you have many choices in the foods, which is rare in England!

5. Three positive things about the UK.

  • A lot of festival
  • Madness
  • Kind people

6. Three negative things about the UK.

  • Expensive
  • Bad weather
  • Bad food

7. Three positive things about Bristol.

  • Night-clubs
  • Beautiful city
  • I love Bristol

8. Three negative things about Bristol.

  • Too much french or spanish people
  • Weather
  • bad food



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